3-Month Eat Stress Away Program


Drop The Pounds.  Get Rid Of Stress.  Create The Life You Deserve.


Sick of dieting and seeing no results?  Crack the code to my 6-step method that will get you to dropping those pounds and keeping them off for good stress free WITHOUT dieting and sacrificing your authenticity!

 Cost: $3500



Providing open-minded, empathic, professional, and entrepreneurial women ALL OVER the world a UNIQUE, transformative solution to losing 20-30 lbs. in 3-months and keeping it off stress FREE!



Meet Your Coach

Welcome to the Eat Stress Away Program.  I am Avishai El, a Certified Raw Food Educator, Holistic Health Coach, + Lifestyle Expert.  You are on this page because you want to completely transform your life through nutrition and lifestyle changes.  I am with you on that and understand how badly you are wanting to completely transform your life, drop those pounds, and get rid of stress.


How do I know this?  I was in your shoes where I was overweight, my mental health was in a decline, and I was all over the place in my life.  I am currently weighing in at 120s, but that was not always the case.  It took me forever to go from 168 to where I am now because of a horrendous food addiction, trauma, and failing health.


It wasn't until I did some medical research, nutritional research and put myself through this 6-step method that I now put all of my clients through, that I started seeing changes.  I felt better, I wasn't stressed, my weight had gone down, and my outlook on life completely changed.


I know how it feels to try every diet and see no results.  I know how it feels to eat junk food or go to that comfort food to fill a void.  I know how it feels to eat a bunch of calories and spend hours in the gym trying to work them off only to be disappointed.


You too can get rid of stress, drop those pounds, and transform your life in the process.  All it takes is your willingness to allow someone who has done the research, gone through the process, and knows what they are doing to help you.


I would love to help you and I know you will see AMAZING results!

 What do you get when you enroll?

  • 3 - Months Group Coaching - you can ask questions and get answers.  You will get solutions and strategies that you can implement and utilize to get you seeing results.  We will meet EVERY Tuesday for 60 minutes @ 7 pm EST
  • 1:1 Holistic Health Coaching (ONLY ONE) - you will get individualized protocols during the ONE-TIME 60-minute 1:1 session that will help you create new habits and lifetime change
  • Training Library [LIFETIME ACCESS] - gain access to all of my video trainings that will guide you through the program.  In each video you will obtain new knowledge that will support your health success on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level
  • BONUS Trainings - you get trainings that are not offered to the public on gut health, autoimmune disorders, anxiety protocols, stress protocols, lifestyle playbooks, and so, so much more!
  • Self-Help Books - get books that will help you feel empowered and fully supported during your transformational process
  • Meal Plans, Recipes, Workouts - yes you get it all!  Delicious plant-based recipes and meal plans are at your disposal.  Recipes are always being added so you can have a variety of your food favorites and never get bored with your meals.  They are nutrient-dense so don't worry, the pounds will come right off!  Workouts are completely holistic and designed to ignite balance in the body and oneness with the Creator.  You will be a fat-burning machine, look lean, and absolutely amazing.  Workouts change every 4-weeks throughout the program.
  • Worksheets + Guides - you will get actionable worksheets and guides to keep you on track.  These will aid you when working through your struggles and barriers so you can transform stress free!
  • Counseling - this is done through email and during your 1:1 session on a ONE-TIME basis with me.  Whatever specific ailments you need help with I can help you with
  • FB Group - you will have access to the Eat Stress Away FB Group where you can be a part of likeminded individuals who will ONLY support you.  You can share your successes, ask questions, join LIVE trainings, and more!
  • BONUS Modules - You will get BONUS modules in the video training library
  • 5-Days A Week Email Access for 3-Months - you get email help from me! (5 day ACCESS)  If you need my help with anything do not hesitate to email: [email protected]


Learn the 6-step method that will get you dropping those pounds and keeping them off for GOOD stress FREE!

 Eat Stress Away [6-Step Method]

How To Drop The Pounds For Good And Keep It Off Stress Free

The proven method I used to drop the pounds and overcome the top 6 barriers to developing lifelong healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits...and how you can crack the code by using my system

  • How to build a solid nutritional foundation eating nutrient-dense, plant-based foods so you can live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Gain the ability to develop clear nutritional knowledge so you can choose which foods are going to aid in your health success.
  • How to combat food addiction and cultivate self love so you can set clear boundaries and develop a sense of self-empowerment.
  • Develop an understanding of how exercise correlates with nutrition so you can consistently implement proper nutrition and exercise into your daily lifestyle.
  • Learn how to create your dream life with journaling, writing, and visualization techniques to begin to live the life you love.
  • How to create an implementation strategy to consistently do something that you absolutely love doing each day.

3-Months of Stress - Free Eating + Transformation


Module # 1

Weeks 1 + 2:  Basic Nutrition, Dieting Dangers, + Myths  

  • Shift from the "change is hard" mindset to having a clear understanding about nutrition mindset so you can understand the importance, have better quality of life, and achieve overall holistic health success
  • Make the change personal to you and how it can benefit your life so you can consistently make healthier food choices
  • Create an actionable plan so you can achieve your health goals


Module # 2

Weeks 3 + 4:  Grocery Shopping + Time Management

  • Recognize the importance of nutrition and how it affects your overall health through food literacy so you can make health a priority
  • Put yourself first so you can continuously fuel your body in a healthy way
  • Develop a layout of meals you currently eat to strengthen your knowledge on what foods are not healthy for your body and why


Module # 3

Weeks 5 + 6:  Food Addiction + Self-Love

  • Set boundaries for yourself to develop a love of self and to create loving surroundings
  • Put this into practice daily to feel empowered
  • Take your power back by taking the necessary self love actions to not overeat


Module # 4

Weeks 7 + 8:  Exercise

  • Recognize the correlation between moving your body and your mood so you can keep your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health intact
  • Do this for yourself because you want to reap the benefits of a lifestyle opposite sedentary life
  • Create a daily routine that will hold you accountable in fulfilling your fitness, and nutrition goals


Module # 5

Weeks 9 + 10:  Creation Dreamer's Life

  • Take what you learned and carve out what life you want to live
  • Implement want you love doing on a daily basis to make you feel amazing
  • Put this into practice to encourage productivity


Module # 6

Weeks 11 + 12:  Live The Life You Love

  • Make the connection between your overall health and quality of life so you can make necessary changes
  • Positively affirm that you are worthy and deserving of your creation dreamer's life
  • Implement everything you learned to ensure health success and better quality of life

If I can do it you can do it!

A Stress-Free Transformation

  • Drop the pounds and keep them off stress-free WITHOUT dieting
  • Gain confidence that will allow you to continue to cultivate peace
  • Feel deserving of living a life you absolutely love
  • Look and feel absolutely amazing
  • Create your life around your peace
  • Never feel drained by work or outside circumstances again!



Here's what others are saying...



“The Eat Stress Away Program" was a great program to help me kick off my fitness journey. The plans were great, not to mention the program was paired with a great coach!”


I am a client of Avishai El, this is my 3rd week under her tutelage. I am making changes incorporating new foods, planning exercise routines and grateful for the instructions and patience of Avishai El. She is very knowledgeable. The information and the recipes shared are vital to my success. I have learned so much and I am still learning. I have already lost 10 lbs. and I am feeling so much better.  I have more energy. If you are ready to be the best YOU, make sure to contact Avishai El, my Holistic Health Coach.

- Cheryl
 Perkins (Connecticut)


“ ...I called her and she asked me questions about me and my health and goals I wanted to set within a 12 week period and we came up with a plan together specifically for me. She worked all day and I mean all day since we got off the phone and little after 9 to get me a meal plan along with recipes and a workout plan that worked for me and she knew I would enjoy! I was so grateful that she worked on it all day so I was able to started the next day and got my grocery list! I was excited to try the recipes! Everything I've made and tried I've absolutely loved! Everything is so healthy and delicious! So far I've lost 6 pounds in one week and can already notice so many different changes! She's gone above and beyond for me already even made me a hamburger bun recipe!...”

This Program Is For You If:

You are open-minded + empathic - you are open to new ideas, you have a willingness to learn new things, and will not be opposed or put up a fight in order to change your life for the better.  You are kind and have respect for others.  You can sense others needs and wants and respect boundaries.


You are a professional and/or entrepreneurial woman - you either work in a busy field or own your own business, but are looking to create a stress free life for yourself through nutrition and lifestyle changes.


You are serious about your health - you are willing to put in your best effort to see that your transformation comes to life.


You are committed - you will either be on the group coaching calls or will watch the replays.  You will reach out to the coach with any questions.  You will send in your meal tracker and weight tracker.


You are organized and responsible - you know how important someone else's time is and you will send in your assessments on time.


This Program Is Not For You If:

You are looking to lose weight for a wedding and go back to your old ways after - this is yo-yo dieting at its finest and I will not support that unhealthy way of eating.


You are looking to ONLY lose weight - exit stage left because losing weight will NOT make you happy.  You must be willing to do the inner work.


You want a cheap program - this program is not cheap and if you are not willing to invest in your health for 3-months then I will not be wasting my time.


You want me to hold your hand - I have done a great job creating a program where I act as a guide, but if you expect me to slap that fried dough out of your hand at 12 am then you are out ya mind honey honey ;)  I am supportive, but you have to do the work.


You make excuses - this program is not made for people who do not want solutions and who want to cover up why they cannot drop the pounds, why they want to hold onto their problems, and why they HAD to have that ice cream from Dairy Queen.


You are disrespectful - I am not the typical health coach.  I am about as blunt as they come and won't tolerate disrespect.  I only allow kindness and kindness only.  I am kind, but take the BS out with the trash.


What Will You Pay for the Eat Stress Away Program?

The 3-Month Eat Stress Away Program is an investment in your health, wellness, and lifestyle.  You will ONLY pay $3500 PAID IN FULL 


5 Payments of $797


Don't Wait To Give Yourself The Life You Deserve!

Let's get you taking action towards your health goals right now!  You have already signed up, which is great, but first I want to spend about 45-minutes with you going over your specific goals, health history, + to get you started immediately with my complimentary Eat Stress Away Package. 


Yes Of Course This Program Is For You!

I know that $3500 is an investment, but it is the best investment there is because you are committing to you.  You are not investing in me, ONLY in yourself


Sometimes you can have the "Mama told me not to touch the stove or jump off the couch onto the table mentality" that was embedded in you as a child


I am here to tell you to take the leap of faith.  What is hot may not burn you and when you jump you may just fly


I will be right there with you!  No worries at all!


Ready to drop the pounds, get rid of stress, and create the life you deserve?

Learn the 6-step method that got clients all over to drop the pounds, get rid of stress, and create the life they deserve!